How to get Github student developer pack

If you’re a student, you can potentially save up to $40,000 by using github student developer pack. If you’ve been using Githubs for your project sharing platform or for Git version control management and all. In addition Now you can also use Github to get some crazy benefits.

What is GitHub Student Developer Pack

GitHub Education is platform which offers students real-world developer experience with free access to various premium developer tools.

What Github student pack offer?

Moreover talking about the Github Education Pack provides a variety of benefits from its partnerships with software companies across the globe.  The GitHub Student Developer Pack is one of the best resources that will get students start out as developers. Moreover, this pack currently offers almost $40,000 worth of products and licenses for free to students.Github offers numerous no of benefits in the pack.

Some of the major benefits listed below :

Canva12 month subscription of Canva’s Pro tier.
Namecheap1 year domain name registration on the .me TLD.
with 1 year SSL certificate.
GitHubGitHub Pro while you are a student.
Name.comOne free domain name and free Advanced Security (SSL, privacy protection, and more).
Microsoft AzureFree access to 25+ Microsoft Azure cloud services plus $100 in Azure credit.
JetBrainsA free subscription for students, to be renewed annually.
EducativeGet 6 free months of 60+ courses covering in-demand topics like Web Development, Python, Java, and Machine Learning.
DigitalOcean$50 in platform credit for new users.
Bootstrap StudioA free license for Bootstrap Studio while you are a student.
UnityUnity Student Plan free while you are a student.
HerokuOne free Hobby Dyno for up to two years.
FrontendMasters6-months access to all courses and workshops.
.TECHOne standard .TECH domain free for 1 year and 2 free email accounts with 100 MB free storage.
GitKrakenAccess to Pro versions of GitKraken Git GUI, GitKraken Boards and GitKraken Timelines while you’re a student
TermiusAccess to the Premium plan while you’re a student.
EducationHostDesigner package for free for 1 year & discounted upgrade offers.
OneMonth30-day One Month subscription
Github Campus Experts Apply to become part of the program while you’re a student.
PomoDone PomoDone Lite plan free for 2-years.
Iconscout Download 60 premium icons per month for 1 year.
DataCamp3-month individual subscription for students.
Next.techAccess to all interactive courses and cloud computing environments for 12 months.
NetwiseSingle unit server colocation package free for 12 months
MongoDB$200 in MongoDB Atlas Credits, plus access to MongoDB Compass and MongoDB University including free certification.
TestmailEssential plan while you’re a student.
AtomOpen Source by GitHub, free for everyone.
Icons83-month All Access subscription with icons, photos, illustrations, and music.
HazeOverApp license, including minor updates.
Repl.itHacker plan, includes unlimited private repls and multiplayer invites. Free for three months.
DatadogPro Account, including 10 servers. Free for 2 years.
InterviewCakeAccess to the full coding interview prep course for 3 weeks
ArduinoArduino Create Maker plan for 6 months and discounts on selected hardware
PageclipBasic plan while you are a student.
KodikaKodika Unlimited Pro subscription free for 6 months.
GoRailsAccess to all videos and lessons for 12 months.
GitHub DesktopOpen Source by GitHub, free for everyone.
Thinkful1 month of access to a web development course.
Twilio $50 in Twilio API credits and exclusive in-game items in TwilioQuest.
Mailgun20,000 free emails and 100 free email validations each month for up to 12 months.
Flatiron SchoolOne-month membership to Community-Powered Bootcamp.
DashlaneDashlane Premium free for 6 months.
StripeWaived transaction fees on first $1000 in revenue processed.
WorkingCopyAll Pro features for free while you are a student.
XojoXojo Desktop license free while you are a student.
Travis CIPrivate builds for free while you’re a student.
ImgbotImage optimization for all your public and private projects while you are a student.
Scrapinghub1 Forever Scrapy Cloud Unit – unlimited team members, projects or requests. Unlimited crawl time and 120 day data retention.
CovalenceOne free month of Covalence’s Atomic Plan.
GitpodPersonal plan subscription for six months for students.
DeepSourcePro subscription for students.
AdafruitOne year of Adafruit IO+ and discounts on selected hardware.
BrowserStackAutomate Mobile Plan for 1 parallel and 1 user for 1 year.
PopSQLPremium subscription for PopSQL while you’re a student.

And the list goes on, currently there are over 85+ tools from categories like courses, cloud-services monitoring tools, server management tools, analytic tools, IDEs, Email tools, Automation tools, Interview preparation tools, APIs, Optimization tools, translation management tools, security tools, and many others.

How to get your Pack

Prerequisites: In order to eligible for the GitHub Student Developer Pack, you must:

  • Age: You need to be at least 13 year old.
  • Email address: College issued email address to verify your academic status.
  • Student: currently enrolled in a degree or diploma-granting course of studies such as a high school, secondary school, college, university, homeschool, or similar educational institution.
  • Github: Have a GitHub user account. (Obviously!)
  • Documents: That prove your current student status include a picture of your school ID, which must clearly show valid.
  •  To illustrate-
Github student developer pack


  1. You must have a Github account Register for an account on Github (if not already registered).
  2. If you have already registered for an account previously just add you institution-issued email address in the Email settings section of your account.
  3. Go to the Education Pack Section and login with your GitHub account.
  4. Now Click on Get My pack and fill all the details in order to register required about your usage of GitHub and your school/college details.
  5. Click on Submit My Application and wait for approval from the Github team.
Github student developer pack-codewithgauri

Now wait for some days, For any reason if it will take more than 10 days, Then you apply again by doing small changes in application.

After a successful approval you will receive a mail like this:

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Github student developer pack-codewithgauri

Once your application is accepted as a result, you will be able to access these Developer Tools!

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