How to Build creative ReadME for your Github Profile

If you regularly use Github and watch others profile, so you might have noticed, that some people have some Attractive stats, Tools logos in their profiles.

So through this post i am going to share some cool stuffs for your Github profile with you.

github hidden trick How to build creative readme profile

– codewithgauri Github profile.

How to create

So basically this is easy but you probably would not find it by your own. for this you need to create a simple Github repository.

- Directly go here to to create new repository.

Name the repository with your Github username like in my case :


As soon as you type it in, you will see a message like this:

You found a secret! codewithgauri/codewithgauri is a ✨special ✨ repository that you can use to add a to your GitHub profile. Make sure it’s public and initialize it with a README to get started.
I have already this repo so i am getting error message, don’t worry you will not get
Click on Public and initialize this repository with: README file.

Editing the file

Now after creating repository now it’s time to create some cool stuff for profile by editing this file

Now go to this awesome website Github Profile README generator

Now fill the appropriate details also add your Github repository links.

Feature Your Skills

You can also select your respective skill sets to feature them to your profile.

After all of these click Generate README and you will get something like this

Click on the Download markdown option and Open that file in Vscode or you can also use some Online editor like, etc.

And you will se something like this:

Showcase Your Repo stats

Now we have an amazing tool for you GitHub Readme Stats is a tool that allows you to generate realtime GitHub stats for your contributions and repositories. Sounds pretty cool nah?

For this open GitHub Readme Stats and scroll down to Themes

And copy the following code, And replace USERNAME with your github username in order to scrap the stats.

![NAME github stats](

Also you can choose your favourite theme by replacing.


Append this to bottom of your

Now Push this file to that repository or just simply copy paste this code to Github

Your Profile should now be looking like this.

codewithgauri attractive github
codewithgauri attractive github

HURRAY kudos to you!! have done something awesome.

For DEMO you can check my Github Profile here.

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